What Happens When Youth Succeed?

At The First Tee, we know when youth succeed, everyone wins. Youth represent 100% of our future. That’s why each year, staff from The First Tee home office along with other scholarship donors give to the Kasserian Ingera Scholarship. This scholarship provides assistance to selected participants to help finance their education after high school. As students start their college careers, our hope is that these scholarships can help ease some financial stress and allow them to focus more on succeeding in the classroom.


In the Maasai tribe of Kenya, the traditional greeting passed between Maasai warriors is: “Kasserian Ingera,” which means, “And how are the children?” The traditional response is, “The children are well” – meaning life is good; peace and safety prevail. Just as the Maasai society believe in protecting the young and the powerless, The First Tee believes in our responsibilities to young people.


  • Angelica Harris, The First Tee of Greater New Orleans, attending Vanderbilt University
  • Jack Kane, The First Tee of Connecticut, attending Elon University in the Business Fellows Program
  • Jonathan Sundeen, The First Tee of Denver, attending Colorado State University
  • Mariana Ocano, The First Tee of St. Petersburg, attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Matthew Bray, The First Tee of Middle Tennessee, attending the University of Oklahoma
  • Michael Chan, The First Tee of Middle Tennessee, attending Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Neha Sikand, The First Tee of Central Coast, attending University of California, Irvine
  • Russ Tolliver, The First Tee of Pine Mountain, attending the University of Kentucky